Three, Two, One

Three, Two, One


We believe that discipleship (the process of our lives becoming more like the life of Jesus) is something that best happens in the context of relationships, not programs.  We believe that as a disciple, we have three different spheres of relationships:

  • We know people who don’t know Jesus yet.
  • We know people who know Jesus but need and want to grow in their relationship with him.
  • We know people who know Jesus better than we do.

THREE-TWO-ONE addresses those relationships.


Find three people who do not know Jesus and begin to care about them in the hopes of having a spiritual conversation. These are people that you already have contact with. Engage them in conversation.

Do you have any idea how many people ever hear, “I’d like to hear more about what’s going on with you.”? Like zero. Why? Because everybody is too busy talking about their own stuff.  Nobody asks and then listens.

We want to be intentionally positioned to take advantage of what God is doing

The point of a three is to ultimately see them become a two.


Invest in two people who already know Jesus. Having “twos” isn’t about necessarily teaching a bible class or unlocking the mysteries of the trinity.  It’s about helping people learn to live like Jesus.

For Example:

  • You might be talking about business one day or maybe your practice.  
  • And somebody talks about a challenge they’re having…That’s an opening – not to be a boorish know it all, but to say, “I’ve got some skills in that area.  You want to have lunch or go for a run or meet for coffee and let’s talk further.”
  • Then use the opportunity to engage

Following Jesus is about more than Bible knowledge.  It’s about living life like Jesus would.  


Find one person who speaks into your life. A ONE is someone who speaks truth into your life and helps you become more like Jesus. This relationship can be a classic mentor relationship or you can have a spiritual friendship and be each others 1’s.

Why do we need a ONE?

  • I have rarely seen anyone make a life altering horrific choice who was deeply known by another person.  And who had enough good sense to listen to their input.
  • It’s dangerous to be a “lone ranger”, You can easily make life altering horrific choices without input from people you trust.


Here’s some good news!  We offer a match making service!

If you would like to have a ONE (a mentor) we can help you find one.

If you would like to be a ONE and have some TWOS (people you mentor) we can help you find them!

And, we offer training!  Nobody feels like they have this all down, but you’ll be surprised how much you have to offer and how much you have to gain.