Jodi Marshall


One thing that helps me feel more connected to God is Service Sunday. With all the busyness of life, for some reason working elbow to elbow with my church family getting dirty, getting sweaty helps me to hear God’s voice.

The act of showing love to others unselfishly, quiets my inner selfish voice and allows me to hear God speaking truth and love and Grace into my heart.

The physical act of seeing the results of our labor is like an offering to God and a gift to others given with nothing asked in return. I love it!


Also… before this last Service Sunday I met a lady named Jeri when we went paddle boarding and invited her to church. I was explaining to her that every fifth Sunday we do service products and she was super excited and came to help us at Harbor Ridge so it was awesome!

Now she’s a part of our family at Harbor Cov North

Aug 2, 2022

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  1. Cynthia Mueller

    . I love seeing your face, hearing your voice, getting that hug every Sunday & sometimes when we see each other outside.
    Sunday Service is one of the reasons my hubby & I came to this church in the first place almost eight years ago. We stayed because of the people & once we walked in those doors we felt like we had come home. Jodi, you are part of that

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