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Watch Party Service at 7PM

We are working diligently on an in-person service plan.  We really miss being together in person but it has been great to gather at 8:30 and 10 on our online church platform. Many of you have joined us week after week and it honestly brings us joy to see you all saying hi and engaging in the chat together. More of a good thing, is, well, a good thing!! So this Sunday we are expanding!

We are launching a 7 pm online-service on Sunday evenings! This service will be identical to our 8:30 and 10 Sunday morning services and can also be found online at Why a third service? We have two reasons:

  • One, we want to reach the most amount of people possible. By hosting a service in the evening it gives YOU the outreach opportunity to invite neighbors and friends to church, perhaps in the form of a watch party in your home! When we did a Monday night service several years ago, it was because we recognized that not everyone has a M-F 9-5 job. A regular "work-week" is not so regular anymore. A Sunday night service also gives us the opportunity to reach medical professionals, first responders, pilots, retail workers, restaurant workers, and so many others that work on Sunday mornings.  And maybe a few of you who just like to sleep in!
  • Two, we want you to connect in relationship with others. We know that many of you miss seeing your friends from church. Others of you are newer to Harbor Cov or aren’t as connected as you’d like to be. We want to invite you to join a watch party.  A watch party is when a group of people gather at someone’s home to watch and participate in the online service.  It’s a chance for fellowship and to have someone else sing with you so it doesn’t feel so awkward!  It’s a great opportunity for small groups to get together for worship. If you’d like to host a watch party, let us know.  If you’d like to join a watch party, let us know.

In order to insure everyone’s safety and out of a desire to love one another well, we will follow all of the guidelines for the reopening phase we are in.

If you want information about hosting a watch party or if you would like to join a watch party, email

Looking forward to being together online Sunday morning at 8:30am or 10:00am or at the new 7pm service.

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