September 20, 2020 – December 6, 2021

The Minor Prophets

  • Malachi

    What signs of hope do you see in your life? What area of darkness can you

  • Zechariah

    In what ways are you currently connecting with God? How are you relying on your own

  • Haggai

    When this pandemic is over and you look back at your life during this time,

  • Zephaniah

    In what ways has complacency toward God crept into your life during these pandemic months?

  • Habakkuk

    What about your political discourse demonstrates that you are trusting that God is at work? How

  • Jonah

    What extreme lengths does God go through to get us involved in His work Are

  • Micah

    Sermon questions: What would you say is the “Word of the Lord”? What would “sitting

  • Amos

    Sermon questions: What is one way that you have been involved lately in helping someone

  • Joel

    Sermon questions: What events in your life have the locusts eaten? How does God’s promise

  • Hosea

    Sermon questions: Imagine yourself at your worst.  Now imagine that God’s response to you is