A Letter From Pastor Michael

Ready or not, here fall comes! Most of our students are back in school. Even though the warm weather continues, the rhythm of the days has changed. And a sure sign that we are in a different season, the staff has been planning Advent and Christmas for a month. (I know!  It’s like when you walk into Costco and they have their Christmas decorations out!)

Here are a few things that I want to share with you as we begin our fall season:

I hope this is a season of personal growth and evaluation for all of us. Maybe it’s me, but it sure seems like many of us are living our lives on a treadmill. It goes around faster and faster. We can hardly keep up. We are super busy, but we are not necessarily doing the things that are most important to us. As a congregation, we will be looking at these life pressures and issues throughout the fall, beginning with the sermon on our kick off Sunday, September 17, which I have tentatively titled, “Enough!”

Our small groups are getting started again. I hope that you will re-engage with yours if you have one. If you don’t have a small group, we will be forming some new ones and you’ll have a chance to sign up for one on September 17. I’ve suggested to our small groups that they follow along with the fall sermon series, “The Character of God.” If you’d like to follow along as an individual or in your small group, here’s a link to one place you can get the book. Double check that you get the book by Spangler. There is more than one with a similar name:  Names Of God, Ann Spangler.

We are forming new groups for new people. If you would be open to leading a new small group, let me know, we are looking for ways to get new people connected into our church family.

If you haven’t listened to the sermon on the 10 Financial Commandments, I hope everyone will. Here’s a link for you to follow: Financial Commandments Sermon. The 9th Commandment is take a Financial Peace University class.  We have one coming up, beginning September 19. You can sign up here.

We have lots of ways to get involved in service. One of the best ways for you to get to know people is to serve side by side with them. Consider what areas you might like to help in. There will be multiple opportunities to sign up to help at our fall kick off Sunday, September 17.

Have a great fall!

Michael White
Senior Pastor

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