Bylaws & Constitution Amendments

Bylaws & Constitution Amendments

amending our bylaws and constitution

A little over ten years ago we re-did the church’s constitution and bylaws. We made some major governance changes and we updated how we did things. And now a decade later we recognize that there are some areas in the constitution and bylaws that basically need to be cleaned up.

Last year a group of people, chaired by Laura Majovski, along with Conrad Newell, Dion Rurik, and Signo Uddenberg, got together and went through the constitution and bylaws with that goal in mind.

After a process of about a year, they have come up with some proposed amendments, which the leadership team has approved, and now we are bringing forward to the congregation for approval.

Again, most of the amendments are very minor. There’s nothing that really alters how we govern as a church. A lot of it is cleaning up mistakes that were left in the constitution when we re-did it the last time.


Even though the amendments to the bylaws are minor, we want to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have, so we will host a few Q&A sessions before we vote.

Q&A SESSION #1 | Sunday January 29, 2023
at Central Campus only after each service

Q&A SESSION #2 | Sunday Feb 5, 2023
at Central Campus only after each service

After the Q&A session there will be two business meetings. One to introduce the amendments and a second to vote on the amendments.

Business Meeting #1 | March 5, 2023 @ 5:00 PM
only to introduce the amendments and ask any last questions

Business Meeting #2 | March 19, 2023 @ 5:00 PM
only to vote on the amendments

ABSENTEE? If you can’t make the March 19th meeting, members can vote absentee if they attend one of our Q&A sessions.


The amendments to the constitution will not be discussed until the annual business meeting in June (date TBD). However you can download the proposed changes now by clicking on the link above.