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Connecting People to Jesus Devotional

Working from home, online shopping, curbside delivery, groceries delivered to your door, online courses, and online church all existed before the pandemic. They aren’t new but definitely more prevalent. The pandemic accelerated many trends that were already happening in our society. Another one of those trends was a decline in church attendance. Adherence to the Christian faith in North America has been on a steady decline for years as well. Some experts estimate that as many as 30% of pre-pandemic church attenders are not going to return and that 1 in 5 churches will close in the next 18 months. Some things will return, like eating out at restaurants, concerts, and travel, but sadly some will not.

Lil’ Camp Recap 2021

We had a great time with our Lil’ Campers learning about How much Jesus loves us! We had 24 preschoolers to kick off our first week of camp this summer. K-3 Kids Camp and the 45 Zone for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders are just around the corner.

The Scarlet Cord

We’re doing something we’ve never done before – recording a play! The story of Jesus is like a red cloth, threading its way through the stories of 6 female characters in the Bible, from the Old Testament into the New Testament and ending at the Cross

Lenten Devotions

Spend some intentional time reflecting during Lent with our Lenten Devotions. Find devotions for each day of Lent, written by our pastoral staff, for you to use. 

Clair’s Thoughts On His Church

Clair Bolender often writes about his life and observations of events around him. We thought people at Harbor Covenant might enjoy reading his thoughts on his church experience. I Love My Church By Clair Bolender Recently, my wife Sande and I had occasion to visit two different churches. At one church we attended a memorial service for my brother-in-law and the next day we watched our tenth great grandchild be dedicated in another sanctuary. For very different reasons both of…
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