Birds Are the Worst

Whether it be certain objects, certain animals, or certain situations – fear is real.  So when we looked at the song “No Longer Slaves” by Bethel Music on Sunday and the line that says “I’m no longer a slave to fear” – I immediately thought of what life could be like without fear. What possibilities open up? What new relationships can happen? How could I even see myself differently?

Retiring Well

RETIRING WELL A TREK TALK Are you considering retiring soon? Have you been retired but feel like you’re doing it wrong? Keith McGuire hosts a panel of retirees (Barbara Morrett, Terry Robertson, and Michelle Flintoff) who we feel are living their retired years with significance. Hopefully their wisdom can help you navigate the transition from a working life to a retired life.

Kidd Small Group

Kidd Small Group Sometimes your small group can be your family. For one small group at North Campus, led by Jeremy and Claire Kidd, it has become just that. They meet every other week, pray together, share together, and study the Bible together.

IvaLou Chesnut

IVALOU CHESNUT A few months ago Pastor Michael asked us to e-mail him to let him know how God was working in our life that week.  Here is IvaLou’s story…. I have always been involved in ministry since I came to know Christ as my Savior.  This came to a halt when COVID shut everything down.  Lately, I had been praying for a ministry, (Ps 91 says: even in old age they will produce fruit) One morning, I was praying with…

Ron Talcott

RON TALCOTT Each of us has memories of times God has influenced our lives.  Sometimes gently and sometimes with a “thud!” To pick out one is difficult.  For me, it is a 30-year experience in a Wednesday morning breakfast Bible Study started by the men of Harbor Covenant.  My Dad first asked me to join in the early 1990s.  The group met at Pearls Restaurant in Purdy and after Bible Study, about 15 or sometimes more played golf at Horseshoe Lake Golf Course.  I was…

Carolyn Holdych

CAROLYN HOLDYCH The very beginnings of Harbor Covenant took a lot of commitment and even more faith, but for the founding members of Harbor Covenant it was worth it to build something with an eternal impact. Pastor Michael White sat down with Carolyn Holdych to chat about what it took to start a church and what it takes 40 years later to keep it going. 

Sue Duckarmenn

SUE DUCKARMENN Sue Duckarmenn started serving brunch every Sunday Central Campus a few years ago as a way to serve our church family and give people a reason to stick around and mingle. She donates her time and money to lead an amazing team to provide an amazing brunch for us.

Jacquie Wagner

Jacquie Wagner wrote a poem about what God is teaching her. She has put great trust in the God who made her and has great joy in her relationship with Him. I Want To Be A Lakeby: Jacquie Wagner I want to be a lake ~still, glass flatreflecting, jade green,His standing, multi-membered forest,and flying friends in silver sky, oh Majesty! a loving messageHis creation ~ to send out and backpraise for His awesome work!  A lake? but an ocean! Surging, powerful, relentless ~ faithful icon…

Isabella Knapp

Written By: Matt Knapp (her dad) I’ve always told people that my middle child, Isabella (12), is the strongest person I know. She was born 5 lbs 2 oz and has always been on the shorter side. She wasn’t destined for great heights anyway (I’m 5′ 4″ and my wife is 5′ 2″), but when she turned 6 we found out why she was smaller than other kids her age. She gave me permission to tell you more about her story.……

Jim Bauml

Jim Bauml has been a part of Harbor Covenant Church for over 15 years. He is a very talented and self-employed contractor who finds a lot of purpose and connection to his faith in his career. He volunteers in our kids program on Sundays and is a mentor to our middle school group on Thursdays. This is his story. How did you come to faith in Jesus? Faith became something tangible to me after a couple difficult years in grade…

CMJ Sunday

CMJ SUNDAY Every year we cancel our worship services and go out in our community and serve as worship. This year you opened your hearts and arms to serve Minter Creek Elementary School, Harbor Ridge Middle School, Evergreen Elementary School, The NW Furniture Bank, and Habitat For Humanity. Check out what Mia Darnell had to say about her experience. “God has blessed me with a lot of skills and talents which could potentially inflate my ego and pride. I’ve had…