Communities In Schools

Communities In Schools


Communities in Schools is a national organization that partners with schools all across the country. They work with students who struggle to succeed for a variety of reasons to help  meet whatever needs they have. If there’s food insecurity, They get them food. If they need clothes or shoes or mentors and tutors, they get the resources.


There are many students and families in Gig Harbor, and particularly out on the Key Peninsula, that have significant financial needs. Generational poverty has existed for some time in our own backyard. For example Evergreen Elementary has students who live in old broken down trailers, sometimes with no electricity or water. Some families experience homelessness along with other issues.

Thankfully, the kids that live in these harsh conditions are still happy to be in school and to learn and to make friends. And every teacher at Evergreen Elementary is there with a purpose and is on a mission to help kids to thrive. It is an honor to get to support kids and their teachers throughout the year.

Volunteer at Evergreen Elementary School

Little Eagles – After School Reading Mentor Program TUesdays 4-5pm

The program runs in two ½ hour segments. You will have one or two 1st grade students to read with for half an hour. Each student has a box with books, games and materials for you to use. Then you will have another one or two 2nd grade students to read with for the next half hour.

The first week will be mostly spent getting to know each other. We will have a little “All About Me” half – sheet for you two to fill in, color and talk about.

After that, you will just get to enjoy these kiddos. They will be so happy to spend time with you. You get to instill joy and a love for learning. You will also be a caring adult in their life who is consistent and available for them. This inspires and sets the tone for success in the students you work with.

Volunteering in the Classroom

Each teacher will have their own needs for their students. You may be listening to a student read to you, help kids with simple math problems, help them do an art project or just walk around the room to make sure everyone is on task. You will have a regular time slot during the week, (i.e. an hour on a Tuesday morning). You will get to know the teacher and the kids, and you will have a good time.

Birthday in a Box or Bag

Every kid likes to celebrate their birthday in the classroom but lots of families cannot afford to provide this. You can help by making a birthday in a box and drop it off at Harbor Cov. In your decorative box or decorative bag include candles, bday napkins, streamers, blowout noisemakers, a card that can be signed by classmates, coloring book and crayons, a small stuffed animal and 15 dollars to cover cupcakes that will be bought day of the celebration.