CMJ Sunday


Every year we cancel our worship services and go out in our community and serve as worship. This year you opened your hearts and arms to serve Minter Creek Elementary School, Harbor Ridge Middle School, Evergreen Elementary School, The NW Furniture Bank, and Habitat For Humanity.

Check out what Mia Darnell had to say about her experience.

“God has blessed me with a lot of skills and talents which could potentially inflate my ego and pride. I’ve had my share of community services I’ve either spearheaded and or been a part of. But serving during the CMJ Sunday has put that ego and pride in check as I’ve learned that there is a lot more to go for me in terms of selfless serving and helping those who are truly in need and not just for organization/s to make a name for themselves. It is humbling to be with people who made it their mission to help and serve where it truly matters the most. Quite frankly, it created a great shift in how I want to go and serve. It is inspiring and motivating to be around Christians who makes every effort to be good followers of Christ.”

Thank you to everyone who served. If you have a story from CMJ Sunday or from something else going on in your life. We’d love to hear about it.


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