CMJ Sunday // August 27

CMJ Sunday // August 27


One of our distinctive as a church is how much we value serving our community. We do this all year long in many different capacities, but one opportunity rolls around every year that is for all of us to do together…

CMJ Sunday (which stands for Compassion Mercy and Justice Sunday) is on August 27th. It’s the one Sunday our whole church, across all campuses, coordinates serving in various capacities in our community on a Sunday morning, So instead of gathering for w worship service in our worship centers on Aug 27 we will be out helping others.

For over a decade the people of Harbor Cov have who have participated in CMJ Sunday have made it a point to put our faith into action. Our love of others into service to others.

Everyone is invited to participate this year. We have a variety of projects in different locations. Some projects are for a few adults who can handle a lot of physical activity, some are great for families to do together with their kids, and some are great for people with limited mobilty. The idea is everyone has an opportunity to serve.



The Mustard Seed Project – Lakebay Widow needs Blackberry Removal (6 adults – moderately strenuous)
This widow lost her husband 4 years ago and lives with MS. Most of her 20 acres is forest and requires very little maintenance. Her back deck though, is getting a lot of encroachment from blackberries and it is covering up her Septic system access lids. She is also concerned about the blackberries just growing in over the deck and taking over the house.
This project is simple, yet hard. The blackberries need to be cut. And then the stems need to be “painted” with a chemical to kill the vines.

The Mustard Seed Project – Key Pen senior yard clean up (6 adults – easy to moderately strenuous)
This project is to help a single senior with her yard. A dead rhodie needs to be removed. Grass in the backyard needs to be weed whacked. Weeds need to be pulled. Branches picked up. There’s nothing difficult here, just some routine yard maintenance that has been neglected.

Evergreen Elementary Clean Up (6 people)
Minor trimming, mulch spreading, killing blackberry vines, and more. Harbor Cov North Campus has already done a lot of this project and we just need to finish it off.

NW Furniture Bank (40 people – Great for families and limited mobility) (Location: NW Furniture Bank)
This project meets at the Furniture Bank in Tacoma and will involve sorting linens, towels, and kitchen items. There are also IKEA items that need assembly. There are also several other small projects, such as testing electronics.

Habitat For Humanity Store (10 people – great for limited mobility, must be 18 years old) (Location: Habitat For Humanity ReStore Lakewood)
The Habitat store needs help sorting a large cabinetry donation at the Lakewood Store.Please direct the Harbor Covenant volunteers to sign up here:

Communities in Schools (Location: Harbor Cov Central Campus – Gathering Place) – Group size up to 30. Great for limited mobilities/families with small kids
Come help assemble school supplies for students and teachers. The collection of supplies will be every Sunday starting 8/6 and run thru 8/20 at Central and North campuses.

Fish Food Bank Organization & Clean Up – (6 adults – easy to moderately strenuous)
The food bank can use some help cleaning and organizing, especially around their loading dock.

Peninsula High School Clean Up (4-6 people)

Peninsula High School needs some clean up in the front of the school. It is exclusively pruning shrubs, hedges, and rhodies, as well as weed whacking a large hill.

Gig Harbor High School Clean Up – (12-16 people)

Gig harbor High School needs some help with pruning rhodies and shrubs.

Harbor Hope Center (10 people – moderately strenuous.)

The Harbor Hope Center helps homeless teens in our area and has two group homes. We will be doing some fence repair and renovating as well as some weeding. There is also some minor weeding and driveway pressure washing that could be done at both care homes.

Goodman Middle School (20 People – easy to moderate activity)

Help us clean up the front area of Goodman Middle School! They need  branches and brush trimmed around the main parking lot and near school. They could also use pressure washing of the sidewalk at the front of the school.

Dump Trailer (3 people with a dump trailer)

Do you have a dump trailer and want to help with some of our projects? We need 3 trucks with trailers to take yard waste up to the transfer station.