Financial Update

The COVID-19 crisis has launched all of us into an unprecedented time of change and unknown circumstances. Though we are in a challenging, and for many, an anxious period, our footing and hope as believers is steadfast and strong because we stand on Christ, our firm foundation. Please continue to pray for all those affected by the virus and the turmoil it is creating. Also, please pray for Harbor Covenant, our staff and leadership and that we will continue to be Jesus’ hands and feet in our communities.
From the beginning of this crisis, Harbor Covenant has been proactive in our communities, coming alongside those who have been immediately affected by the COVID-19 virus. We have: provided meals for those who are ill, made regular calls and check-ins with the elderly and others, engaged/partnered with our public schools, and through the repurposing of a generous gift, have disbursed $20,000 in assistance to nearly 200 laid-off restaurant industry employees (with a similar amount being available to continue this effort).  Additionally, through our Tables of Grace Tacoma multisite, we are supporting students with donations to the University of Washington – Tacoma food bank.
Our dedicated staff has been working extremely hard engaging with our greater community, redesigning our internal services and facilitating connection/support within our church family. What a blessing it is that we can still have our main weekly gatherings, Sunday morning worship and sermons, children and students’ programs, daily Lent devotions and prayers have all been virtualized thanks to the hard work and creativity of our amazing staff!  We have truly demonstrated that #churchaintabuilding, but it is people and communities following Jesus under any circumstance! 
During this period, the Leadership Team, working with staff, is committed to being prayerful, prudent but bold stewards, not only of our financial resources, but also of our mission and ministries. As of the end of February, our giving for the fiscal year has been slightly above and our total expenditures below budget.  Consequently, we have a cash reserve/balance equivalent to approximately 2 months of budgeted expenses.  None the less, over the past month, Harbor Covenant has been aggressively curtailing discretionary expenditures and non-essential services.  Also, many of you have maintained your giving these past few weeks.  Thank You! 
However, we need your continued support and gifts to maintain our vital ministries during this crisis. In order to plan and have the most impactful ministries, the Leadership Team is seeking financial stability for the next 6 months (approximately $500,000).  We are asking everyone who is able to continue or even increase your giving to do so.  Please let know of this renewed commitment. If you have the means, please prayerful considering making an additional gift over you normal giving. 
From a stewardship perspective, during this crisis, in addition to securing our giving, Harbor Covenant is committed to:

1. Open and transparent communications regarding our finances
2. Continued scrutiny of expenses - reducing or eliminating where possible
3. Re-designating gifts where possible to the greatest need
4. Explore other creative options/solutions
Harbor Covenant Church is a vibrant community, filled with people who are excited to reach people for Christ, develop disciples, and live lives of compassion, mercy, and justice. We need your continued help and support to make all of this happen! Below is a reminder of the current Giving Options:   
1. Mail a check - Made out to Harbor Covenant Church (please do not bring checks to church - the    building is closed.) Our address is 5601 Gustafson Dr NW, 98335
2. Donate online: watch a short video here tinycc/givetoharborcov  or on our church website
We are so thankful for you, and though socially distant, we stand strong together in Christ’s unchanging love!


Michael White

Members of Leadership Finance Team:  Verna Herron, Sajan Thomas, Rik Jamieson, Heather Maher, Barbara Morrett, Phil Wlllenbrock

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