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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to have a PayPal account to donate?

No. PayPal will process your donation whether you have a PayPal account or not using your credit card or debit card.

Are there any fees involved with giving online?

Yes, there are fees associated with using PayPal, however they won’t be charged to you. The church will pay all PayPal fees.

How does Bill Pay work?

The best option, and the most efficient way to give online gifts, is signing up for online “bill pay” through your bank. It should only take a few minutes to set up, and there are no fees paid by you or the church. Simply add Harbor Covenant Church as a new payee.

The bank “bill pay” option is the most efficient way to give because your bank writes the check, pays for the postage to mail it to us, and does not charge you or the church any fees. You can also easily schedule donations to recur on the same day of the month, each and every month.

Is online giving secure?

All of your giving data is secured by SSL encryption. SSL is an acronym for “Secure Socket Layer” provided by PayPal. SSL encryption is the standard security protocol that provides communications privacy over the Internet and is used by banks and e-commerce companies like eBay and Amazon.

Will I receive a contribution statement?

Yes, our office will receive notification of your contribution and it will be recorded in your giving record. We will mail your year-end giving statement directly to your address in our records.Who do I talk to if I have more questions? Contact our office at 253.851.8450 and we’ll be glad to answer any other questions you may have.

How do I give through texting?

1) Text 253-258-0850
2) Type $ amount to donate
3) At the prompt enter name, e-mail & credit
    card number (1st time only)
4) Confirm your donation.

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