IvaLou Chesnut


A few months ago Pastor Michael asked us to e-mail him to let him know how God was working in our life that week.  Here is IvaLou’s story….

I have always been involved in ministry since I came to know Christ as my Savior.  This came to a halt when COVID shut everything down.  Lately, I had been praying for a ministry, (Ps 91 says: even in old age they will produce fruit)
One morning, I was praying with open hands and asking the Lord to put something in my hands so I could be involved in Ministry.  A few days later, my dear friend, Janet Roby and I were talking about a mutual friend who I will refer to as J.  Janet said I don’t think she knows the Lord as her Savior, in spite of the fact she attends a solid church.  I told Janet to ask if she would like to do a bible study and J said yes.

I asked Janet to see if she could get a couple more ladies and she did, and then there was 5 of us and we started the next Thursday!  J had never been in a bible study.  The reason Janet thought J didn’t know the Lord was because she had bought into the spiritual aspect of Yoga.  She talked about her “higher power” and used a mantra they had given her.  The first thing I needed to do was confront her, in a loving way, and asked if she knew what the word meant that she had been given for a mantra, and she said no.  I explained that it was the name of one of their 30,000 deities that they worship and there is no higher power than God.  God the creator is the only God!  He is the only one we are to worship.  All other religions are false and pagan.
The second lesson was teaching that God must be first in our life and Christ is the Savior and we must believe He is the Son of God and we must invite Him to come into our heart, the very center of your being, to be our Savior and Lord and promise to follow Him.  Both Janet and I believe that J has done that!


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