Our Harbor Cov Kids have so much fun together in safe and encouraging environments on Sunday Mornings.


Looking for what to expect for kids on a Sunday?
Each of our campuses offers unique opportunities for kids.
Check out each location for more details.

KIDS CAMP AUG 12-16 2024

Lil’ CAMP AUG 14-16

From birth to preschool, kids are experiencing everything for the first time and think like an artist. They have a tremendous amount of wonder, and are motivated by safety. They ask…

Am I safe?
Am I able?
Am I okay?

So we EMBRACE their physical needs so they can know God’s love and meet God’s family.

In Elementary School (K-5th Grade), kids begin to gain wisdom and explore faith. They think like a scientist, are inspired by discovery, and are motivated by fun. They ask…

Do I have your attention?
Do I have what it takes?
Do I have friends?

So we ENGAGE their interests so they can trust God’s character and experience God’s family.

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