Matthew 25 Challenge

On February 25, Harbor Cov is going to do World Vision’s Matthew 25 Challenge.

  1. A week-long daily text challenge to put yourself in someone else’ shoes who lives in global poverty.
  2. Challenges include wearing the same clothes that you did the previous day, sleeping on the floor one night, or only drinking water (no coffee!) for one day.
  3. A way for families to talk about global poverty together. If you’d been wondering, “How do I help my kids learn more about life outside of Gig Harbor??”… then this is for YOU!

To sign up for the challenge, text M25 to 44888 and then select Feb 25 – March 3. You’ll get the daily text challenges and devotions starting that Sunday.

And then… on Sunday March 3, we’re going to have a big Celebration Event! Even if you didn’t do the week-long challenge, this night is for everyone to come and have fun and make a difference for kids around the world. World Vision is going to come to Harbor Covenant that night and we’re going to have:

  • Petting Zoo – so kids of all ages can learn about how owning animals helps someone in global poverty
  • Hygiene Kit Build – we’re going to assemble 200 hygiene kits to send to where they are most needed around the world
  • Photo Booth
  • Potluck Dinner
  • Games for children of all ages to learn more about global poverty
  • And more!

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