Next Steps

Next Steps


There are a couple of things that are absolutely true in this life… you have to pay your taxes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and you always have an opportunity to grow.

We can help with that last one.

If you’re looking to grow in your faith in particular, we want to share 3 resources that you can use or take advantage of. 

First, start with the Bible.

I mean reading the Bible for yourself is a great way to grow. Now there is this cool website called the BibleProject, that has put together tons of resources including videos, podcasts, and even reading plans, for you to explore what the Bible says. 

Second, help it make sense

If you just need help making sense of the Christian faith, there is a little book we have available called is Christianity for you. The book takes you on a tour of a few different belief systems with Christianity being one of them. You will be able to compare them and understand the importance of Jesus to the Christian faith. 

Third, join a small group

If you really need other people to process what you’re thinking or listen to your questions, and help find some answers we have a pretty cool network of small groups that meet regularly. It’s hard to grow in isolation, so make a plan to get involved in a small group this year.