Ron Talcott


Each of us has memories of times God has influenced our lives.  Sometimes gently and sometimes with a “thud!”

To pick out one is difficult.  For me, it is a 30-year experience in a Wednesday morning breakfast Bible Study started by the men of Harbor Covenant.  My Dad first asked me to join in the early 1990s.  The group met at Pearls Restaurant in Purdy and after Bible Study, about 15 or sometimes more played golf at Horseshoe Lake Golf Course.  I was still working, but my job was “flexible” enough to allow me to attend the Bible Study and sometimes even play golf with my Dad and many others, most of whom have gone on to their reward in Heaven.

I don’t remember the year, but the group split in two, one for those who lived to the north and one for those who lived to the south.  Both groups still are meeting!  Dad lived to the south and our golfers started playing at Madrona Links after Bible Study.  We moved around a little and finally found support from Liz Remick at Sunset Grill.  At that point, she was a waitress.  Then she bought the business.  We meet in her bar at 6:45 am every Wednesday morning except when Christmas falls on Wednesday.  Liz is our wait person.  She is a Christian woman and often makes a remark as she serves coffee, water and food and does the table bussing as she listens to our discussions.

We chose the book we want to study and begin at Chapter 1, verse 1 and read and discuss until 8 am. The next week, we continue until we reach the end of the book and then go on to our next choice. The group varies in size depending on weather, health requirements, travel, etc.  We used to be mostly members of Harbor Covenant.  Now it is about 50% from HCC with others from varied backgrounds.  It makes for lively and often deep discussions.

We take some time before we start the study to share praises and prayer requests.  This results in knowing each other more intimately and helps in sharing joys and burdens.  It also insures a richer discussion for our study.

When I am away and can’t attend, I miss the fellowship and the study.  I try to plan my calendar so that I am there on Wednesday morning.  The Bible study and fellowship are an important part of my Christian life.  I recommend it to anyone who wants a Bible study and fellowship.


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