The Jesus Way

Being Grounded

In response to everything you have heard about the Jesus Way, what do you need to do? What do you believe that you haven’t really acted on yet? What in your life that shows that you are putting Jesus’ words into practice?

The Real Deal

What type of fruit are you producing? Would the people you know say that you’re the real deal? What is one step you can take this week to follow Jesus more authentically?

The Narrow way

What’s an area in your life where you realize you are just going with the flow? What’s an area in your life where you realize that you are consciously choosing to do what Jesus says? What’s the hardest thing for you about following Jesus?

Do To Others

How would you characterize the state of your relationship with God? What others do you need to do to differently this week? How might God be calling you into partnership with him?


How has judgment come up in your own life? Is it something received or given? How can you be full of care for someone different than you? What is one thing your small group can do to create a more welcoming and warm environment at Harbor Covenant Church?


What worries do you struggle with the most? What feared loss is at the root of that worry? How can you be in the present with your heavenly father that cares for you?

Choose a Side

What do you treasure? Do you see yourself as a steward or an owner of your resources? How will you know when enough is enough?

The Importance of Forgiveness

In what ways is thinking of God as a Father, challenging or comforting to you? In what ways do you have trouble trusting God to provide what you need? How can you be a bringer of the kingdom into your spheres of influence?

Don’t Put On A Show

How would playing to an “Audience of One” affect how you live your life? What role does impressing people play in your life? How are you becoming the type of person Jesus describes in this passage?

Dealing With Difficult People

In what ways are you the kind of person Jesus is talking about? If people were to look at how you treat people, what would they learn about God? Who is a challenge for you to care about?


If people were to mention your name to others, what words would you hope they associate with you? How important is it to you reflect God’s faithfulness to others by being faithful to others yourself? What commitments do you have now that you need to re-evaluate?

Sexual Ethic

What is more characteristic of your inner reality, love or lust? What is one step you could take this week to move away from lust? How does Jesus’ view of divorce change how you view marriage?
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