Sermons by Michael White (Page 3)

Senior Pastor

God Works in the Hard Stuff

What purpose do you think God has for this stage of your life?How do you usually view hardship?How can you see God at work in the challenges of your life?

God Makes You Alive

How would you describe your worldview?How does the grace you receive from God affect your life?What does God have for you to do?

Knowing Hope

How does having hope in Jesus change how you look at the world and the future? In what area of your life do you need the power of God? What do you believe Jesus’ top 3 priorities for our church are?

God Chooses You

REFLECTION QUESTIONS What story do you believe about yourself?How can knowing you were pre-loved by God effect your life?Are you just gathering biblical insights or are you becoming more like Jesus?

The Character of Christ

What are some ways you have experienced encouragement from God? Would people say you’re generally encouraging, or discouraging? What is one step that you can take to grow into the character of Jesus?

Investing In People

Who could be your three’s, people that you intentionally care about? Who could be your two’s, people that you are helping to grow in their relationship with Jesus? Why would it be hard for you to have a one, someone who speaks into your life?

Becoming an Apprentice, Pt.2

What is something in your life that you could be more thankful for?What gift do you bring with you to work?What is the current mission that Jesus has for you where you work?


What would you say your batting average is right now?  Steadily improving?  Declining?  It’s been a long time since you’ve picked up a bat..What is one way of thinking that you need to have transformed?What’s an area of God’s will for you that you need to have more clarity about?

Hope For Today

What area do you need to turn from to experience new life in Christ?How can Jesus’ resurrection give you hope this week?How can you be an outpost of the gospel this week?

If Only

What are your expectations of Jesus? Where are you looking for peace? What is God doing that you might be missing?

Be Careful Who You Listen To

Who do you listen to most?  What stands in the way of you fully trusting God for today and for the future?What legacy of faith are you sharing with the people around you?