Sermons on Following Jesus

Treating Each Other Well

What is most likely to make you angry? What is one thing you could do that would be more constructive than anger? In what relationship do you need to seek reconciliation?

Salt & Light

How is the identity God gives you different from the way you view yourself? What is one way you can bring some salt and light to your sphere of influence this week? If you were to point to one thing in your life as an example of how you’ve been changed by following Jesus, what would it be?

Finding the way

What is troubling your heart? What does it mean to you that Jesus will love you to the end? What is one thing you can do to get closer to Jesus?

Is It Enough to Friend Jesus?

How would you classify yourself: Admirer, Adherent, worshiper, follower/disciple What is the cross that you are currently bearing? In what area are you looking for a loophole instead of doing what you know God wants?