Sermons on New Life

Doing, Not Just Hearing

What is the sin that you need to be more active in ridding from yourself? Where are you currently serving and caring for others? Especially those who are mistreated. How are creating space to be unstained by the world?

Moses & The Red Sea

Where do you see God’s mighty hand at work? How does God’s grace and power help you to trust him with your future? What is the connection for you between remembering your baptism and thankfulness?

Your Relationships Can Change

Why do you think it’s so hard for people to willingly give up power? In what ways can mutual submission be a joy in a relationship? How can you more accurately reflect kingdom values in relationships you have?

Your Behaviors Can Change

How can you improve your process for making good decisions?What step can you take toward forgiving someone who has hurt you?If Paul was writing to you, what area would he say you need to work on?

God Makes You Alive

How would you describe your worldview?How does the grace you receive from God affect your life?What does God have for you to do?