Sermons from 2024

A Divided Heart

What are your desires that don’t align with God’s desires? What do you need to give to God as an act of humility? How can you remind yourself of God’s promises: that the devil will flee and that God will be near to you?

True vs. False Wisdom

What are some traits that should characterize the community of Jesus? How do you handle relationships with people that you love but don’t always see eye to eye with? What is one area that God may be calling you to “submit” in?

Words Matter

Judging by screen time, what are you filling your heart with? Who do you need to speak to more graciously? What is one step you can take to better control what you say to other people?

Faith Without Works

What are two or three things that your faith in Jesus is producing in your life? What is one area in your life where you need to move your faith into action? What story do you hope people will tell about you and your faith one day?

Favoritism in the Church

How has the mercy of God transformed your life? In what way are you tempted to play favorites? Where could you serve the poor or stand with those that are?

Doing, Not Just Hearing

What is the sin that you need to be more active in ridding from yourself? Where are you currently serving and caring for others? Especially those who are mistreated. How are creating space to be unstained by the world?

The Generosity of God

What do you truly believe God wants for you? What is the biggest opening in your life for temptation? What of substance are you doing with your life?

Revelation Song

If Jesus wrote a letter to you, what would he commend you for or challenge you about? How does knowing that God is in control change how you view the challenges of your life? What do you need to do to accept the invitation of Jesus and join in worship?

Same God

Whose life has inspired you to follow Jesus more closely? Whose life do you think you are inspiring? What hope do you need this week that God is powerfully present with you?

Another in the Fire

Where does your ultimate allegiance lie? With God? Your own gifts and talents? Your investments? Or? When you have a major life choice to make, do you put more weight on what is right or what is more beneficial? How does knowing that you might be in the fire but you won’t be alone give you confidence?

Great Are You Lord

What feels dead in your life right now? To what or to whom are you looking to give you hope, joy and life? What is one thing you can do this week to return your breath to God?