Sermons from February 2024

Just As I Am | I Am Made With Purpose

How do you discern God’s purpose for your life? What purpose do you think God is calling you to right now? What is one concrete action that you can commit to this week to pursue God’s purpose for you?

Just As I Am | Made in the Image of God

What image do you really reflect Are you at peace with that image? Do you sense a longing for a different one, a better one? If so, will y ou let Him show you a more accurate view of himself? Will you choose to believe God create you in love to resemble and reflect Him by trusting what Jesus has invited you to live as a new creation through Him?

Grow | Reading Your Bible

Based on the amount of time you spend, what is forming you? What is one area where you need to figure out whether your opinion lines up with the Bible? What is one step you can take to start reading your Bible regularly?