Worship Discussion Report

On Sunday, February 26, Central Campus held two worship discussions, one after each service.
Over the course of several weeks, people were invited to participate in this discussion. Verbal announcements were made in the worship service. It was mentioned in the bulletin and in the weekly email. On the morning of the discussions, Pastor Michael went through the sanctuary after the services and personally invited people to stay.

At the discussions:

• Participants formed small groups of about 4 people.
• The small group format was designed so that the maximum number of people would have the maximum opportunity to share.
• Groups were instructed not to try to come to a consensus, but simply to discuss the questions and write down what people said.

The purpose of the discussion was to:

• To give people an opportunity to have input into our worship services and direction at a time when we are in transition with worship leadership.
• To give people an opportunity to have a discussion with their peers regarding their thought, feelings and experiences of worship.
• To remind people of the higher purpose of worship beyond just their own personal preferences.
• To glean insights from the respondents that might be helpful as we move forward.

What this wasn’t:

• This wasn’t designed to be an exhaustive survey of the congregation.
• This wasn’t a process to re-invent or even change our worship.

Who and how many participated:

After the 8:30 service, 30 people participated. Approximate age representation:
90’s – 1 person
80’s – 2 people
70’s – 15 people
60’s – 7 people
50’s – 4 people
40’s -1 person

After the 10:00 service, 26 people participated. Approximate age representation:
80’s – 3 people
70’s – 5 people
60’s – 7 people
50’s – 3 people
40’s – 4 people
20’s – 4 people

What’s next?

Some of the suggestions have already been incorporated, particularly for Lent. We have had more times of silent reflection. We are working on the volume level particularly at the second service. Other suggestions will continue to be evaluated. Any ideas or feedback concerning worship is always welcome. Contact Pastor Michael or Brendan with your thoughts or comments.

Beginning June 4 there will be a 4-week sermon series on worship.

Click on the links below for the full notes from the worship discussion:

Worship Discussion 8:30 am
Worship Discussion 10:00 am

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