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29 May, 17
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29 May, 17
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  • Update On Congregational Assessment

    I wanted to give you an update of where we are with the Congregational assessment.  As you recall, it’s been nine years since we did our last assessment, so it is time for us to discern where God is leading us in the future.  The assessment methodology we are using

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  • Preschool Registration is Open

    Harbor Covenant Preschool is an exciting, safe, and secure learning environment.  Our goal is to develop each child physically, mentally, emotionally, socialy and spiritually by instilliing in them a value system  consistent with the word of God.  We strive to have a caring and safe environment in which each child

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  • Summer Kids’ Camps

    Registration for our Summer Kids' Camps are now open. We have three amazing programs designed for 3 Year Olds to Pre-K, Kindergarten to 3rd Grade, and an extended program for 4th and 5th grader students. To learn more about each program click on the registration links below. 3 Year Olds

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