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21 Sep, 17
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22 Sep, 17
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23 Sep, 17
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24 Sep, 17
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26 Sep, 17


  • A Letter From Pastor Michael

    Ready or not, here fall comes! Most of our students are back in school. Even though the warm weather continues, the rhythm of the days has changed. And a sure sign that we are in a different season, the staff has been planning Advent and Christmas for a month. (I

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  • Parenting Class

    Are you tired of repeating everything four times to get your children to listen? Do you get in an argument everytime you ask your children to do anything? Do you say "Stop that" or "That's enough" more than six times a day? Do you ever feel guilty or embarrassed because

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  • Gleanings Mission Trip Recap

    Our middle schoolers went to Dinuba, California to serve at YWAM's Gleanings program. Watch the recap video from their trip. Thanks for all your prayers and financial support in sending these awesome middle school students.

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