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    One of our goals at Harbor Cov is for you to be connected to your church family. Because being connected to your church family has many benefits. Your church family ... Provides you practical support in times of crisis Helps you mature emotionally Gives you a global perspective 
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    SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2021 One of our goals at Harbor Cov is for you to be engaged in the mission of the church. We love it when God uses us to transform lives. One of our big opportunities for you to engage in the mission of our church is to

  • Connecting People to Jesus Devotional

    Working from home, online shopping, curbside delivery, groceries delivered to your door, online courses, and online church all existed before the pandemic. They aren’t new but definitely more prevalent. The pandemic accelerated many trends that were already happening in our society. Another one of those trends was a decline in

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  • Getting Connected

    What story do you want to live into? How would you currently classify yourself: complacent, consumer, connected, committed, compelled What new rhythm would you like to develop?

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