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UNITE | HIGH School Summer Camp

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED HEY HIGH SCHOOLERS! This summer from July 15-20 we are headed to a summer camp called UNITE at San Diego State University in San Diego, CA! All CURRENT 9th-12th grade students are invited to come with us! What is UNITE? UNITE is a 5-day retreat for high school students in the Evangelical Covenant Church. This a great time for students to engage with their friends, leaders, and Jesus. With powerful worship, messages, and a focus on…

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery (CR) is a Christ-based, 12-step recovery program for any adult struggling with hurt, pain, habit or addiction. Participants meet weekly in a healing and safe community to find freedom from issues that are controlling our life.

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Three Two One

The Three Relationships You Need to Have

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Life isn’t always easy, but you don’t have to walk through it alone. If you need prayer for anything or need some help with something in particular and don’t know where to turn, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Latest Sermons

A Divided Heart

What are your desires that don’t align with God’s desires? What do you need to give to God as an act of humility? How can you remind yourself of God’s promises: that the devil will flee and that God will be near to you?

True vs. False Wisdom

What are some traits that should characterize the community of Jesus? How do you handle relationships with people that you love but don’t always see eye to eye with? What is one area that God may be calling you to “submit” in?

Words Matter

Judging by screen time, what are you filling your heart with? Who do you need to speak to more graciously? What is one step you can take to better control what you say to other people?

Faith Without Works

What are two or three things that your faith in Jesus is producing in your life? What is one area in your life where you need to move your faith into action? What story do you hope people will tell about you and your faith one day?