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  • Connecting People to Jesus Devotional

    Working from home, online shopping, curbside delivery, groceries delivered to your door, online courses, and online church all existed before the pandemic. They aren’t new but definitely more prevalent. The pandemic accelerated many trends that were already happening in our society. Another one of those trends was a decline in

  • Lil’ Camp Recap

    We had a great time with our Lil' Campers learning about How much Jesus loves us! We had 24 preschoolers to kick off our first week of camp this summer. K-3 Kids Camp and the 45 Zone for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders are just around the corner.

  • Rainier Game w/ Harbor Cov

    We're headed to a Rainier's Game on August 15 @ 1:35pm. We bought a bunch of tickets and want you to come with us. To reserve your ticket click below. $15 per person. 9 innings with thousands of your closest friends! What could be better? 

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  • Training to Pursue God

    What do you observe when you look at how you spend your time? What do you find yourself mindlessly snacking on? What is one thing you can do this week to experiment with fasting and nourishing for godliness?

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